Account-Based Marketing In Light Of The Enterprise Reality

Moving beyond multi-channel to more mature, omnichannel marketing demands advanced ABM control and real-time triggered connections.

Simplifying The Complexities Of ABM For The Enterprise

It is often difficult for enterprise marketers to balance the extent of multiple marketing functions with overall messaging consistency. Multi-geographic organizations can rarely monitor all orchestration of marketing, often generating concern that messaging is being modified in a way that is out of line with standards.

Multitenancy is the single most important technical capability of enterprise demand generation, simultaneously hosting all of the revenue-generating teams of the diverse organization. Here, MRP provides the advanced data management, audience coordination, and measurement systems that deliver “real” metrics with a hierarchical view that are paramount for success.

Steven Casey, Research Director at Forrester, Illustrates The Complexity Of Marketing Across The Enterprise Organization

“It’s wholly inefficient to have an artificial dividing line between ABM and demand programs with separate teams, people, processes and infrastructure.”

– Steve Casey, Research Director at Forrester Research

Breaking Down Silos To Enable Intelligent Buyer Experiences

Research identifies that the typical buying group for a complex B2B solution involves six to ten decision makers‚ each armed with four or five pieces of information they’ve gathered independently and must deconflict with the group. For enterprise sales and marketing teams to accomplish true organizational collaboration, they need control of their ABM technology and demand gen strategies, control that can help them coordinate activity priority between multiple teams when they aim at gaining attention from the same audiences.

Beyond siloed capabilities, MRP delivers advanced control and real-time triggered connections between the identification of needs within a target account, activation of next best actions and the resulting delivery of high-value sales and marketing outcomes.

Enterprise-Class Demand Gen Solutions Designed For Your Organization

We understand every enterprise has its own set of requirements and constraints, which is why MRP puts you in control. If you have a seasoned ABM team with a ton of bandwidth or limited experience with constrained resources, or even if your tech stack is robust or lacking, we’ve got you covered. At your discretion, you can deploy our predictive analytics as a standalone or integrated solution, use your email system or ours, and can even activate our seasoned, global, multilingual ABM experts or tap into our built-in omnichannel deployment services. It’s all under your control.