The Intent Data Industry Is Broken

How The Next Generation Of Intent Can Overcome The Industry’s Most Significant Structural Challenges

So, are you getting what you paid for? No. Sure, your vendors and a ream of whitepapers told you that intent signals are a company swell of actionable purchase interest, that they’re predictive of future behavior, and guess what, it’s all wrong.

At its core, the intent data industry is broken. Much of the market promotes minimally viable, remedial technology that simply adds up content consumption of companies and informs you when one of those companies ‘surges’ or ‘spikes’ in frequency of a topic. When those signals are errant, marketers spend time and money pursuing false opportunities, and the cost of that pursuit scales with the size of your program.

Much of today’s intent data fails to support the enterprise cases in two ways: it’s not readily available across the enterprise, and it lacks the nuance and detail necessary to satisfy more sophisticated use cases or even context to support personalization at scale.

This whitepaper will illustrate the challenges the enterprise faces when trying to succeed with today’s intent data, and how the next generation of intent can deliver buyer engagement in multiple languages and regions, and correlate that external learning with what they know in their sales and marketing systems.